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About Us

Royal Flush Studioz is a multi-media company. we are currently producing novels, funny comics, games, and art. We hope to expand out to other media in the future and other properties. Currently, we are producing content for the Masters series.

Royal Flush Studios is headed by Matthew Weldon

Our Mission

To have our IP's be enjoyed by everyone

We want our intectual Properties to be enjoyed by everyone in the world. To do that, we work on creating different media of our IP's to distribute to our audience, so they can then be enjoyed no matter what type of content they enjoy consuming.

Core Values


We strive to tell our creative stories in unique creative ways.


We do our up most best to make sure the different stories being told are constistant with other stories in the different IP's, as well as between our different IP's if applicable.


We strive to have our IP's be accessible to all in the form of any media possible.

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