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Over a thousand years ago, a group of people, who were deemed masters in combat of each element, were brought together to defend the continent of Adus. One day, an evil was created that almost destroyed the continent and the entire world. The Masters sacrificed themselves and their souls locked in orbs. the orbs were spread out over time. A special type of human, called a cast, was created to stop this evil when it returned.

A major change has happened in the timeline and it's up to the Protector of Time, Spex, to figure out what happened. The first time period he investigates is the time of the fourth cast, Tana, and her journey around the continent. Spex watches, as Tana and her companions, travels around Adus to collect the Master Orbs, stops the evil Dark Rebellion, and the creatures called shadow dwellers.


re the new cast print 2022.jpg
the masters: re: the new cast release poster
the masters: re: the new cast release poster

RE: The New Cast

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