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Story TimeLine

(In chronological order)
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Old timeline

current timeline


The Masters: The Water


The Heaven  and Hell War has been raging. Obris is leading the demon army but is losing to the Angel, Sabre, his friends, and the E.T.B. Obris decides to locate and take the power of the Water God in order to Turn the tide of the war and Sabre goes to stop him. 


The Masters: RE: The

New cast

A major change has happened in the timeline and it's up to the Protector of Time, Spex, to figure out what happened.  Spex watches, as Tana and her companions, travels around Adus to collect the Master Orbs, stops the evil Dark Rebellion, and the creatures called shadow dwellers.

The Masters: The Origin

of Spex

  It's been three years since the nations signed a peace treaty and took down the Rebellion. It's been peaceful up until the Rebellion, now called the Resurrected, reappears looking to destroy the peace.  It's up to Spex to train his newly found time powers and take down The Resurrected for good.

re revolver book cover.png

The Masters: re: Revolver

The masters Era

Tana Era

Revolver Era


Sabre Era

Beginning of  Sabre's journey
Beginning of  Tana's journey
The Formation  of the Masters
Vanquisher is  defeated/
the masters  are put into orbs
Beginning of  Revolver's journey
The Masters Tournament

The Masters: Beginnings

Explore how the story of The Masters begins, starting with following the origins of Ozem.

Masters Survival Logo.jpg

The Masters: Survival

Katana is testing the new Virtual Proxy Simulation, which is going to be used for training, as she fights the evil creatures known as the Shadow Dwellers. All is not what it seems however as she dives deeper into the system...

The Masters: The Origin of Spex


Years after the events of RE: The New Cast, Spex must team up with Revolver to learn the true nature of the new group of assassins, on top of dealing with a personal issue.


Over a thousand years ago, a group of people, who were deemed masters in combat of each element, were brought together to defend the continent of Adus. One day an evil was created that almost destroyed the continent and the entire world. The Masters sacrificed themselves and their souls locked in orbs. the orbs were spread out over time. A special type of human, called a cast, was created to stop this evil when it returned.

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