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Tana (Katana) is testing the new Virtual Proxy System, which is going to be used for training at a school for elementals, as she fights the evil creatures known as the Shadow Dwellers. She is being helped by her Family and Friends who are outside of the system making sure the simulation goes well. All is not what it seems however as she dives deeper into the system and faces off against an old foe, Master Nether.

This is a top-down, hack n' slash, survival game, using Unreal Engine 4. As you progress through each level surviving against wave after wave of enemies called Shadow Dwellers. You have special powers and can summon a companion NPC. There are also one on one boss fights, a survival mode where you survive as long as possible, and rack up a score. Your scores can then be submitted to the Steam leaderboards.

Please join our discord for any support or feedback you have. Thank you!

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Gold Main Menu 1
Gold Cutscene
Gold Gameplay 6
Gold Gameplay 5
Gold Gameplay 4
Gold Gameplay 2
Gold Gameplay 3
Gold Gameplay 7
Gold Gameplay 1



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